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I actually went to the gym today


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Just sharing this because I feel slightly proud of myself. This morning I went to the gym after months of not having been. My motivation to exercise has been dead for the past few months, but today I did it, for some reason. I stayed for about an hour and there were only three other people there, so it was quiet (which I like). I feel quite anxious when it's busy there. I used the treadmill, the rowing machine, other upper-body machines and the bike.

I drove 15 minutes to go to a gym in a different town to me, as I like it more there compared to the one across the road from my place. I know it's probably stupid to do that when I could go to the one that's close to me, but I just prefer the other one and feel comfortable there. I guess it doesn't matter - as long as I'm doing some exercise.

I hope I can keep this up, and try to go at least once or twice a week now. I'll try to make some sort of routine for myself.

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Exercise is a very good idea for most anybody, especially many of us here.  I've just signed on for another 2 months of weekly hatha yoga classes, which begins in a few weeks.    

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7 hours ago, idkusername465 said:

That's great Sapphire, it truly is!

Any accomplishment, big or small, is worthy of praise when depression is involved. I hope you continue to make positive strides in your life and I wish you success. 

Thank you so much :)

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