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PG-13 Cymbalta issue

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I will try to keep this censored as I can but this is a serious matter and this forum seems active so I need some help/advice.

I am a 28 year old Male, who suffer(s) from depression and high anxiety. Around October of 2016, I have decided I was tired of this life with depression and just scared to take a relationship to the next level because my anxiety was super high so I went to a psychiatrist. She sat me down, let me explain my life and determined I suffer under this and that and prescribed me Cymbalta (duloxetine) I started with 30mg for the first month, then went to 60mg. At this time I was feeling so much better but my problem was/is during intercourse, I have a hard time orgasming. It's almost not possible and if it does happen, my partner is just so happy its over and I'm not happy with this. I went back and she put me on Wellbutrin with my duloxetine dose and it seemed to be working for a week or two and then I started with the dreaded ED. I eventually stopped Wellbutrin and I went to 90mg on duloxetine. I am currently STILL having the same problem. I am not sure if it's in my mind and I am constantly thinking about it every time I have coitus. I try to clear my mind but I seem to get aggravated. Anyone have any tips or suggestions for me? I obviously am going to tell the doctor about this at the end of the month but I was wondering is there something else I can take with Cymbalta to allow me to do ejaculate? I absolutely love my medication and feel a lot better but I can't live with this. 

Someone please help me and let me know if possibly there is a different medication I should be looking into with less sexual side effects?

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Viagra and Cialis does help.  Basically all the medications gave me sexual side effects of some type so I went down that road for a while and then I decided it was ridiculous to take pills that caused the problem in the first place so I stopped taking them years ago.  The best thing for depression and anxiety is diet and exercise in my opinion.  Eating the right foods and exercise will not only help depression and anxiety but it will increase testosterone to give a great sex life.

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