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After 2 weeks of paxil?

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So I suffer from anxiety (agoraphobia levels) and depression. I started 10mg paxil. The first 2 weeks on paxil I felt AMAZING. I was super happy, and was going places without anxiety. Suddenly tho a couple days into my 3rd week, I'm feeling a bit more anxious and down suddenly. Is this normal? Does this mean it won't work for me? Any experiences like that? I was so hopeful it was working and now I'm afraid it might have been a placebo effect :/

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LOL.... It simply means you need to get back to your doctor so your dosage can be adjusted. Antidepressants work and they are effective. The problem is a lot of people give up too easily. 

Go back to the doctor and tell him what is going on. He knows what to do

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