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I have been depressed for about 8 years now, never hospitalized for it, I saw a psych for about 4 visits and stopped cause I felt it was useless and I fear being in public, I have been on fluoxetine the entire time starting at 20mg but now on 40mg but my pills make me lethargic, I see my doc every 6 months or so unless needed. I've never even heard of a GAF until I googled it and don't know if my doctor has ever even rated me...my condition is hard to explain when I'm afraid to talk to my own doctor let alone a stranger. If I go see their doctor and don't talk at all is that going to help me or hurt me.

I applied once before a few years ago and was denied even after appeal with lawyer. My condition has not improved and I have now reapplied, just sent back their daily living form.

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