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Paxil side effects

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I was on paxil for 4 years before tapering off for 8 months due to wanting to become pregnant. After being off for a few weeks I lost it and became really depressed so my doctor tried me on lexapro but I hated it.  My question is will I have side effects from paxil because iv been off of it for at least a month and a half ? I don't remember what kind of side effects I had back in the day. I just want to start where I left off with it :( im worried too because the doctor told me to just stop lexapro and go back to paxil so idk if I'm going to get withdrawals and side effects 

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A side-effect is simply your bodies reaction to the working of a medication. Some people experience them, some don't. If your body is the same body that was on Paxil some months ago, I don't see how you will now begin to have different side-effects from the ones you had before quitting it all together. 

Also, dropping one antidepressant for another is normal, particularly is the dosage is very low. I would listen to the doctor and get back on Paxil which you believe worked well for you

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