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Just started 10mg

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Was put on paxil for my severe social anxiety and depression yesterday. I have daily panic attacks multiple times a day from ptsd.

She has also prescribed .25mg of alprazolam. i took one but it did not do much for my panic attack....is this normal?

she also recommended that is see psychologist but i am on medicaid and do not think they cover that..:/

What should i expect on the paxil? i havent noticed anything, i started it last night. Also she only gave me 15 alprazolam with 0 refills is this normal? She also mentioned uping my dose of paxil to 20mg in a week? is that normal as well?

Thank you for the help. xoxox



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Yes it sounds normal.  10 mg is a low dose for Paxil.  It takes awhile to notice a difference.  Usually two weeks or so..  Yes, its normal to only have 15 alprazolam too.  .25 is a very low dose for that too.  She is trying it out to see how things work for you.  Paxil helps with social anxiety and depression.  You may not need alprazolam once the Paxil kicks in.  Good luck and keep posting!

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I just started on the 10mg dose today. Previously my doc had me taking busprione, but it wasn't doing anything but giving me terriblw side effects. After daily panic attacks for several days in a row I went to the doc yesterday and he decided to try me on paxil. 

I also have alprazolam. .50 mg dose. Enough for 15 days. I am trying to be optimistic that this will work. 

Keep us updated on how you're doing. 

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