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Exposure Therapy


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Hi all.

I have a question for members here who have gone through this.

I'm looking into exposure therapy for my  dental  phobia. Has anyone here used it before or is anyone able to explain it to me?

Otherwise are there other types of therapy to help you overcome the  phobia ?

I really feel  trapped  right now. I need to find a way to  start  overcoming this not just go on an appointment by  appointment  basis because that isn't working.



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Hi there! I have panic disorder/agoraphobia. My pdoc just started me with exposure therapy.. driving/going to grocery stores/etc., all the places I get panic attacks (which, basically, is anywhere that isn't my bedroom right now). So, the way mine works is I start with the smallest exposure and work my way up. So, I started just with driving to town (I live a half away from town). Next, I drove to town and "shopped" at a gas station. The next time I went to the small grocery store, and then I went to the medium-sized grocery store. Tomorrow or Tuesday I am going ot try to go to the large grocery store. And, basically, you just keep building up and increasing your exposure each time. 

As hard as it is, it really is helping me gain confidence in my ability to do these things.. to see I am not in any danger and how to deal with my anxiety/panic in the moment. 

The pdoc also recommended I look online at videos/literature about CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), so I'd recommend that too.

Best of luck with your journey, and keep us updated on how it's going for you! 

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Have you thought about asking your dentist if he uses nitrous oxide for patients that have a fear of dentists.    you may know it as laughing gas.  I couldn't get my teeth cleaned or fillings with out it.  It is just a low dose so you might find your self smiling a lot.    All  this gas does it make you not care what they are doing to your mouth.  You will feel minor pain but its manageable. For extractions  i would ask the dentist  to refer me to an oral surgeon  who would put me under.   You might be a bit sore after but you feel no dental pain. Years later when I decide it was time for dentures   I had my remaining 20 teeth pulled  and never felt a thing. 


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