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Hey, 27 year old male here.  I've been having severe anxiety over the past several weeks.  I've been going to several different doctors.  None will prescribe me anything, either antidepressants or benzos.  I can't get sleep at night because of the anxiety and am very uncomfortable when leaving my house.  I've been contemplating suicide every day for these last few weeks, and planning to **** myself with barbiturates and alcohol.  I don't know why they won't even prescribe me a sedating antidepressant like mirtazapine.  I am feeling pretty p***** off with doctors right now.  Any advice?

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I'm wondering if they think you're an addict seeking drugs.  That doesn't explain why they wouldn't give you antidepressants though.  If you can't get a doctor to prescribe you something, and things get extreme, you may have to go to the ER.  They may keep you there for 72 hours though, so keep that in mind...but maybe someone there will take you seriously.  I don't know.

Hopefully somebody else will chime in with a better idea.

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Hi there ..... now, I don't doubt you'll take this entirely the wrong way, but I'm not so sure you're helping yourself.

Before I say what I have to, please accept that many of us will be able to help show empathy, compassion and endeavour to help you, plus we possibly all understand the desperation that your message sends out.

Right, the hard bit to swallow and I apologise if you don't get it, as I also understand the need to shout, talk etc but .....

Like me, you're quite a recent member on here, you've posted - as far as I can tell - three times concerning this. or a similar, issue. People, myself included, have offered you comments and hopefully a little bit of advice, yet you don't respond to those answers; you simply post the same thing time and time again ..... without any acknowledgement towards those trying to offer you a shoulder.

Your prerogative I suppose, but it simply surprises me that you can't show even a little consideration towards others who, let's face it, are all, to some degree or other, suffering much the same issues you are.

I've already apologised for sounding a little resentful, but I don't really see what you are trying to achieve by consistently posting much the same message. I've been where you appear to be now, but for many years and much as you, came on here seeking some solace and hopefully help.

I hope you manage to resolve all this, but try and go with the flow of just one of your messages and you might save other people a lot of wasted effort.

Best wishes buddy and don't take this too much to heart - I just hope you can see where I'm coming from? 





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