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How long might approval take for my case?

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Hello all! I'm new around here, and this is my first post.

I just recently applied for SS Benefits for Disability in the US. My father is currently fully disabled due to chronic pain, and he's been telling me about the process as he went through it. According to him the process may take up to about a year and a half to be approved, and then even after that checks won't start coming for a few more months... 

So the thing is I've been doing some reading on my own and found a site claiming that some disabilities are listed for quicker approval, Major Depressive Disorder being one of them, which I have..

I was working Full-time in a call center setting, though since around last May I've been on intermittent leave for various lengths of time per month, per the American Disability Act. I had contemplated my possible needs for disability a few months back, applied, but then bailed on the process to struggle through working longer.. Now I'm at a point in my physical and mental health that I cannot work, so I have stopped working all together and reapplied for disability...

I'm worried for my chances of approval and for the length of time it may take.. Maybe someone could shed some light on the subject of my case?


I'm young, currently a few months from 23..

I have Major Depressive Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Panic and Anxiety, Asthma, and Chronic Back Pain... I've tried to supply my best guess for as long as I can remember having each issue.. 

Mild Depression 8+ years, Severe Depression for about 8 months.. 

CFS 13+ years

Panic/Anxiety 8+ years

Asthma 13+ years

Back Pain 5+ years

I currently take Zoloft 100mg, Wellbutrin 150mg, and Zyprexa 10mg. I also have been using medical illegal drug for my issues as well.. I have a regular Psychiatrist and had a counselor I need to get back with... I've also been doing Yoga, and Cognitive Therapy (suggested by counselor) on my own.


Any advice would be appreciated, and thanks for reading. 

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Corrected time span for my depression vs more severe depression.

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