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Bad week at work?

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I'm a smart middle aged man. But this week was difficult at work. I lacked focus and made mistakes. I needed help from others. I was reliving my childhood over again. I felt so vulnerable and stupid.

What should I do to stay focused and show my co-workers that I am a competent individual?

I have been depressed. I also have sleep apnea. I was not getting enough sleep which led to my focus issues.

It's sad, cause I really know what I am doing a majority of the time. It would be tragic if my bad days cause my co-workers to see me in a bad light.

I know adult ADD causes inconsistencies with mental processing and that's a problem. A person can be brilliant one day and confused the next.

Part of my problem was I did not want to take the time to read the directions given to me. I would rather be given directions by others.

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