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Effexor XR help needed

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Hello all, first time poster here looking for some guidance. A little over a month ago my regular doctor prescribed me on Effexor xr 37.5mg because Wellbutrin and lexapro my body could not handle. And after meetin with a psychologist she determined that I should start some kind of antidepressant. And I do have an appointment with a psychiatrist but it's over a month away, so I had to go to my regular doctor. The first week was rough, I was having a lot of side effects. I looked online for tips and a lot of people seemed to be having issues with the generic brand made by Teva. So I checked my bottle and of course the generic I had was made by Teva. So I called my doctor and he switched to name brand Effexor xr, and within a few days almost all of the side effects where gone. So I was on the 37.5mg for a total of 2 weeks, I felt better and my doc wanted to bump the dosage up to 75mg. I started to take 2 of the 37.5mg capsules and after a week of that I started to notice my mood picking up and felt the mess to really start to work. So fast forward to a couple days ago, I called in my refill and the pharmacy screwed up and filled the generic brand again. I would have to wait 3 days until they could get the name brand in. So for the three days I had to resort back to taking the generic and I definitely felt off, the side effects where starting to creep back into my life. Than this Monday I got my name brand back and I took it at the same time I always do and I felt great all day. Than on Tuesday the side effects hit me so hard it was almost like I've never taken Effexor before. I had sweats, feeling feverish even though I wasent, couldn't concentrate on anything, and my anxiety went through the roof and I was having mini mood swings. I'd go from happy to depressed to happy again. I almost left school early because I could barley take it. Then Wednesday same thing but not as intense, same goes for Thursday, I talked to my psychologist and she said that she believed that it was my anxiety taking over and making everything seem worse than it actually was. So I called my doctor and he prescribed xanax .25mg every 6 hours. Now today I woke up and my anxiety was terrible, and when my anxiety gets bad I start to get obsessive thoughts, so my thoughts where about suicide, now I have never ever contemplated actually doing it, it's more of a fear that it can happen. My psychologist called this pseudo suicide thoughts and she said hat it was normal for people with depression to have these thoughts. Than these thoughts spirled into a full blown anxiety attack and I had to excuse myself from work and take a xanax .25mg and sit quietly and calm myself down. That was 6 hours ago and I've felt fine ever since. So I'm just looking for if anyone has gone through the same thing. Could have switching from the generic to the brand name cause my brain to freak out this bad?  I've always had anxiety but never to this extent. I don't want to stop the Effexor because before this generic to brand name mess up I was really doing well. I'm hoping that these feelings will go away soon but I'm not sure. Any thoughts from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

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I've never had the brand name stuff.  The generic Effexor does make me sweat a lot though, and I haven't had the concentration to finish reading a book since Ive been on it.  Regarding mood and anxiety, it helps me with calming my anxiety and it levels my mood.

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