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Tactile Hallucinations/Negligence of a Psychiatrist

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Hello, everyone who reads this. I have something to say:

I've been having tactile hallucinations for quite some time. Seeing 'things' that weren't there, hearing things as well. My family was kind of superstitious so most of these matters were chalked up to me seeing 'ghosts' or 'higher beings'. I saw an 'angel' when I was 3 while my grandfather was in the hospital. I don't remember much about that, so I'm sorry I can't elaborate further. But ever since i can remember I've felt 'bugs' on my skin from time-to-time. Such as spiders, or what have you running across my skin. When I was 6 years old, I saw 'ghosts' in my room: A woman and a man who were both dead, the woman had a noose around her neck and was laughing at me while the man pointed but didn't speak.

I also saw a little girl who was black and white in old-fashioned clothing walk into my room.

I heard a man's heavy breathing in my ear for an hour and a half when I was 13. Heard whistling downstairs when no one was down there for a few hours at the same age.

Things advanced more and more and I've seen/heard and experienced more and more terrifying/haunting displays.

I've seen 'shadow' beings on my walks, following me, or just monstrosities in general. Such as when I was six I saw something on all fours run across a room. I've also seen 'humanoid' monsters that didn't possess eyes, had pale skin and stalked me. I swing often at night, as it's the only time I can really get out of the house due to my anxiety, seasonal affective disorder and troubles due to agoraphobia. Often times I'll see 'people' who aren't really there walking toward me. Large, pale 'humans' who don't possess a face following me to my destination. I hallucinated my mother's boyfriend having a full conversation with me, only to have the real one come over and try to strike up a different conversation that resulted in my confusion.

I've heard people who were family, or video game characters call out to me. Like my mother, step-dad, etc over my head phones. And even Sheva Alomar from RE5. I try to tune it out often with Violin or any sort of music, but sometimes they're so persistent that I can't.

Walking outside, I saw what appeared to be a person or animal needing help. I walked up to it and it grabbed my left leg. I felt it and felt like running but didn't do so as it was stalking me and likely would have followed at the same pace. It followed me for quite some time until it eventually faded away, whatever the four-legged monster was.

I've also had a hallucination M***** my other ones that got in my way. Which I suppose can be seen as a 'mixed-blessing' due to the fact that she was doing crowd control and seemed to be 'friendly'. It was a Wendigo creature, and followed me from rooftop to rooftop, scurrying and jumping to catch up to me and chickening some of the creatures/monsters in my path, often looking to me after doing so and screeching.

I don't know what to do, I honestly don't. These are some of the more prime examples I can think of, but definitely not all- and my psychiatrists brushed them off entirely. They won't listen to me, and honestly put me into more of a suicidal state as I don't feel like I'm being believed/helped.

If anyone would like to reply, I'd be grateful.

Thank you,


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I'm going through psychiatrists no longer believing me either, so I agree it is very depressing.  My hallucinations aren't nearly as bad as yours though, I wish I could give some good advice on how to get help.  Anti-psychotics when they were prescribed to me in the past were effective in suppressing my hallucinations, although they never fully left.

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The two I've seen dismissed me without second thought. Hallucinations are still hallucinations- regardless of how severe. Despite what she said, anyone who's worth salt knows that an individual with hallucinations is definitely not 'normal'. I'm seeing her again on March 1st and I hope my symptoms come back so that I can properly and accurately portray myself in the way that most people don't see me. The anti-psychotics I've been on didn't help. I still hallucinated and honestly I'm tired of being talked down to by 'professionals' who can barely speak English. I don't think I had a fair chance due to the fact that they were German/East Indian respectively and spoke to me in fairly broken English. Having me repeat/explain things and even putting words into my mouth. I'm not really sure what to do either. But I appreciate your response. Hopefully you find the help you need.

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