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Depressed on my birthday.


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Hi all, feeling down in the dumps today the depression has hit really hard, today i turn 25 and haven't felt this bad in quite a few months. Is this common with depression has anyone ever been through this???


I was a little sad at christmas too but that was more because i was really ill with asthma and a vomiting bug.....



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Omg... I thought I was the only one! I always get depressed on my birthday, so I totally understand how you feel.

I think, at least for me, I look at my age and tell myself one of two things, "Omg, you're __ (insert age here) and you're still having trouble with that?!" or "Still alive at __ (insert age here)." Because whatever number I put into that blank, I still wish I wasn't around. :/

I feel that this sounds a little hollow now, but I really hope you're able to have a Happy Birthday, anyway! :birfdayCake:

I know that even though I tend to get depressed on mine, there's usually something good that comes out of it that day. Cake, hanging with family, presents.... 

I hope you can find something good in yours, too. :)

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