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Just a down day

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Hey all! I am having a down kinda day. I'm not even really sure why. Woke up that way. I know I've recently hit the big 40 and my sister in law is going to be 40 soon. So we were planning this girls trip in May, but now she's kinda getting ify about it. I had something to look forward to, but now its "on hold". So, I'm down about that, but I other than that, I'm not sure why today sucks so much. It just does. I'm not holed up in bed, either. I'm ansy and feel like I need to be doing something... cleaning, laundry, a project, I dunno. SOMETHING! I'm just in a funk, I guess, and have NO idea how to get out of it? Any suggestions?

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Hi NoraRae, do you LIKE cleaning, doing laundry etc? I think it's important to do something that you enjoy, although sometimes when I'm like this, cleaning (which is something I rarely do and normally hate) appeals to me.

I find that normally what helps me is to exercise, get close to nature or try to nap if my body will let me (I don't sleep very much most of the time). Another thing that helps me is to colour. I have a bunch of adult colouring books and it's even fun to colour kid's books.

What kind of things do you like to do?



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