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Beyond Depressed; What Can I Do to Bring Meaning into my Life?


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Words cannot begin to convey how frighteningly depressed I am because I feel I hold no meaning in my life.

This is just a short and sweet question: What can I do to bring meaning into my life? For example, learn... becoming more passionate in cooking... give people genuine advice... Please help me, because I'm suicidally depressed about the lack of meaning in my life.

Please don't say volunteer, because I have no way to get to these places for my fatigue makes it impossible for me to drive.

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Dear Brodnax
What gives your life meaning? What would you like to achieve in your life? Is it work, love, children, hobbies, creative work?

Obviously I cannot give you any real advice about what would give your life meaning, as we are all different. I try to find meaning in each day and be grateful for even the saddest day. I have to force myself to do that sometimes, but it makes me feel better.

My life revolves around my work and I have a successful career. During a recent relapse of depression, I realized I need to find something more fulfilling, like a relationship or other interests. I cannot just live for my career. I got myself a therapist to explore all options and the first advice she gave me was to fill out ten things I really want to do in life besides work.

Hope it helps and I hope you´ll feel better soon.


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