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Essential Oils Help Anyone?


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I use a lot of essential oils I made all my own skin care (face wash toner face serum eye serum body wash body lotion)   It has certainly helped my skin immensely. I do find the scents mood uplifting -!: soothing.  I use a night time body lotion with lavender and sprinkle lavender on my bed linen before sleep. In the morning I use a grapefruit and lemon essential oil in body lotion that is energizing.  I don't think as a replacement or single cure of depression though.  I had a person I knew from work who tried to sell me the very expensive youngs living essential oils but I just purchased some online from a bulk supplier way cheaper and good quality. I also find by making my own skin care products I save a lot of money in comparison to buying department store brands plus honestly my skin looks the best it ever has in my life. 

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42 minutes ago, VictorianGoth said:

Lavender oil has been helping me so much lately. I pour a few drops in my hands and inhale it. Instant calm from anxiety. I also sprinkle it on my pillows. 

I love the smell of lavender. I agree it's instantly calming. I should buy some.

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