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Seroxat and an education

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Hi, I have a question.

Last year i was taking Seroxat whilst going to a psychologist. And at that time it realy helped keep my mind empty.

Though everything started to go a bit better and i started to get a grip on life again(i thought). I was going to start a course as System Administrator.

Because it was going well and i wanted to start the course me my doktor and my psychologist agreed that it might be a good idea to stop taking it.

Thing is, **** hit the fan, and now i asked my doktor if it might be a good idea to start using it again. But in context to the course because I need to study alot and keep concentration.

My doktor said that it's not a good idea. But that's about it..

As people here use and have used it i wonder if you guys feel the same way? I can't concentrate now with all the that's going on. So i myself don't see how it could be worse realy.
Do you guys feel the same way or have any similar experience?


Thanks in advance

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