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I've been trying to do what is require on this site, regarding posting. I miss having the ability to join the chat conversation. So I have been weighing in on some of the blogs. Don't get me wrong. I totally believe what I've said. But sometimes I don't have a lot more to say other than being understanding and empathic. I will continue to "speak" to those blogs that touch me, but in the interim, would anyone be willing to help me get to the 20 post min. for the chat requirements.

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I too was eager to unlock the chat feature. However, once I unlocked it, I became quite disappointed. Nothing against the chat feature, I'm glad it's an option, but it is very rudimentary and inactive. I have had conversations on it, but those are rare. Noteworthy conversations have been non-existent. You're getting your hopes up by looking forward to unlocking it. Sorry to disappoint. 

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