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Withdrawal symptoms of Paxil when they didn't exist before starting Paxil


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If your ONLY mental condition is a very mild case of OCD in the form of perfectionism which is a non-issue in most cases but can be an annoyance "occasionally", would starting Paxil and then later (say after 3-4 months) getting off it make you go through the withdrawal symptoms frequently talked about?

If you had none of those withdrawal symptoms prior to starting Paxil, will they be "created" during the withdrawal period?

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I'm far from an expert on SSRI's but I from what I understand most if not all of them have withdrawal symptoms that range from anxiety, to physical problems, sometimes even brain zaps.  These symptoms can usually be reduced or eliminated by weaning off the drug(s) slowly.  I did this with Zoloft, for a few weeks, and had no symptoms during the end of my taking it.   

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paxil was horrible horrible horrible for me to get off. i weaned off it slowly and still felt so sick. Nausea...headaches...fatique...body aches. I had the easiest pregnancy with almost zero smptoms and discomfort. The experience of paxil withdrawal was hell. Id rather be pregnant. then again i loved being pregnant lol.

anyway from my exprience it is normal. I have a book called The Antidepressant Solution and it  talks about Paxil being one of the worst to get off of. It will eventually pass. 

i hope that the symptoms is pass quickly! Make sure you are doing this with your doctor's knowledge.

Take care.

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I don't think the withdrawal symptoms have anything to do with the original symptoms you had before taking medication. I think everyone will get the feeling of electric shocks, etc. Those aren't that bad, I actually found them funny. They come with a sudden and quick dizziness so it felt a bit like being drunk. But you can get extremely irritated with everything and find very hard to cope with even small amounts of stress at work, etc. And then, yes, you may get the original symptoms. =(

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