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I am a full time student with documentation for school purposes, but I don't know if I would be wasting my time trying now. I know people who are on it who started school after being approved, but no one who applied and recieved it after.

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Here is the thing, does it cost you money to apply?

If it does, then yes, you should probably consider how likely is it that you will be approved or not.

If it doesn't cost you any money to apply, then go ahead and try applying. The worst they can do if all your documents and history are in order is reject you. They can't black list you from future applications or anything. Then if in the future an opportunity ever comes to apply for those benefits, and you still need them then take it.

BUT do consult others about this as well, specifically those who are more familiar with the system in-depth. I can't speak from experience on this rather than just common sense.

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