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Hello all. I have a question 4 anyone who may have been through this experience. I have applied 4 SSDI recently (with the help from an attorney), but I've never experienced this, nor do I know of anyone who has. 

My diagnosis of depression goes back 10 years. I've seen 2 psychiatrists, 1 psychologists, 4 family drs, and 1 hospital. I've been diagnosed as having depression, bipolar, ADD, social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, short term memory loss, panic attacks, PTSD (recent diagnosis because an experience at my workplace I'd been at for 17 years), and 4 some reason, I'm not sure why, but also as having psychosis. please tell me why that may have been if anyone knows. I don't have delusions or anything. 

For anyone who may know, being my LONG history of me seeking treatment, what might my chances be? I've worked for 17 years up til October. My depression already had me at a low, low (it's gotten worse as I age), when I had 2 be out 4 2 months because pneumonia/depression, when I went back, I was harassed, and treated like pure crap. 2 the point I threw my badge on the bosses desk, said f*** it, and walked out! that's where the PTSD came from. But anyway, what's my chances with SSDI? Any input I would really appreciate. Thank u in advance :)

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