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Feeling that I may die soon.


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This is my gut feeling, I'm not ill, nor do I  have any heaath concerns as far as I know of to worry about, I will post this now. I  usually don't post in the forums. I did the other day and got a few great responses, Thank you- evryone.

My take on life hasn't been good at alll. Very hopeless. I feel abandoned.

I feel I'm going to die. and pray that I do. Make me sad to think that. If I did my wife will have nothing. God Help Me.

I have no health care, because I have no job since Oct 12, 2016. I been feeling, no make that...I'm depressed, or feel like down and out with zero hope.  I wonder If i'm just very down because of losing my, job. It was my life, my business all my life. I mentioned this in this forum. 

I can apply for Medicare part B. But that will cost me money. Being I have no job, I don't know if I should bite the bullet and apply for Part B? Right now my wife and I have zero health care. She would still havee no H.C. 

Living on a wing and a prayer........Dusty


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Depression can make you feel ominous so it's not unusual to feel that way. You should definitely apply for Medicare, even if your wife won't be covered you still reduce the risk of both of you getting into financial difficulty in case you have an accident or something. For years I never went to doctors and the one year I didn't have coverage because I was trying to save some money I ended up with a lot of health problems, Murphy never fails so don't take your chances. 

Have you applied for unemployment yet? I know it'll run out after a year but as mentioned previously you'll be eligible for social security by the time they run out so don't worry too much about what will and what could be. I understand that it's frustrating to just scrape by, I've been there when I lost everything but life goes on so do what's necessary (i.e. applying for all benefits you can) before the situation gets worse and  you end up in a bigger mess. 

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Hello DustyRoad,

     Your post is just heartbreaking!  I am so so sorry for the ordeal you are going through and the unbelievable mental anguish it is engendering in you!  I am facing a crisis different in nature from yours but perhaps similar in intensity and anguish so my heart really goes out to you!  I wish I could help you but at this time in my life I can barely help myself.  If it means anything to you I think you are very heroic!  I know that can be but small comfort compared to the enormity of your suffering ! ! !  I must refrain from offering you advice, because in my current state of mind I feel it would probably be wrong advice and do more harm than good and you deserve the best !  Please forgive the utter poverty of my response to your poignant post!   You are in my thoughts and prayers!    - epictetus

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Hello DustyRoad, I am sorry that you are feeling the way that you are. What would happen to your wife if you died, it would probably break her heart. Please try to hang in there because things could get better right around the corner and you just can't see it yet...Be Good to Yourself...


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