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Why can't my neighbors control their dog after 4 complaints?


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I'm very, very depressed right now. In June of 2016 new neighbors moved into the apartment below me. They left their dog home all day while they were at work and it barked its head off the whole day until they got home. I work at home so this was a huge problem. I had to complain twice to the apartment manager before it stopped. But then in August they started leaving it at home again and it barked all day long, I complained again and it stopped. But then in October they started leaving it home again and I had to complain again and it stopped, sort of.

They now leave the dog home alone about twice a week and it barks its head off until they get home. It now is only for a couple of hours, but it's still annoying as heck and bothers me. I just can't believe after four complaints they would ever leave the dog home alone. The last time they did it was two weeks ago on Friday night for 10pm to 12am. I was going to complain again but I would have to wait until Monday when the apartment office was open, by the time Monday came I wasn't as upset or angry so I decided not to complain and give them one more chance before I did complain. I've heard it a couple times since then but because it happens at night now I'd have to wait until the next day to complain when the apartment office is open and usually by then I decide it's not worth it to complain but if the office was open at night I would 100% complain because of how upset, angry and depressed it makes me hearing the dog because after four complaints it still hasn't stopped.

I will say that they don't leave it home all day like they used to, and not it's usually in the evening but only once or twice a week. My question is should I complain if it barks again for more than an hour? or am I being a jerk by wanting there to be absolutely no barking? The barking until midnight 2 weeks ago definitely was something that did merit a complaint but since then it's been in the early evening. Am I making too much of this and I should just forget about it and only complain if it starts happening almost everyday? It seems like there has to be some kind of training to make it stop barking when it's left home alone.

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Have you tried talking to them directly to calmly explain the issue? People tend to not be very cooperative when you complain to the apartment manager...

To some degree you'll just have to accept it, it's a risk you take when living in an apartment complex that allows pets. If it's only a few hours a week I don't think there's much you can do. They have their lives too and obviously can't take their dog everywhere. There are some training devices that spray a lemon scent when the dog barks but no idea how effective those are.

Just be glad they don't have a baby or rowdy teenager...

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Tell them to get a muzzle. They're cheap and it prevents the dog from barking because it can't open it's mouth. If it's only for a couple hours at a time, then it will be fine with a muzzle on for that amount of time.

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