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Hey guys. I came out of depression few months ago but during the time I had problems whit motivation. I still work out but It seems really hard to keep up.

Yesterday I stumbled upon this thing. I don't know yet if I find it helpful but what do you guys think?

Regardless of the sensational style of it, it makes a lot of sense and has been on my mind since I watched it. Especially since notable figures like Einstein also had this belief.


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I watched the video, it looks interesting but I can't really tell if this is a physical experience (i.e. where you get a bunch of diodes attached to your head and something happens), or if it's just a sort of enlightenment regarding logic?    I mean I consider myself an atheist, I am logical, etc. but I am not sure how that relates to what the video is talking about?  I went to the website and will need to understand it more...

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I'm sorry, but I don't believe there is a God. My answer has always been to find happiness here, on earth. Whether you believe in God or not, you're stuck here until you bite the bullet anyway. Finding happiness mainly involves just those small moments when you realise that you're alive. It's the trouble of finding those small moments that becomes the problem.

Also God-science is a thing, but it never makes any sense.

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I am an atheist as well, but I can accept the concept of God as a metaphor, not as the white man with a long beard looking down on us. I think the basic of this pompous video is - what I've accepted as fact - that our upbringing, education, surrounding, and contacts limit us in perceiving the world more openly. We clutch to the moral we were told, we strive to be successful, accordingly to the values we were taught, behave appropriate, and think in a very limited realm. When I was in school there were just three dimensions, considering time as the fourth was a new concept. I was brought up with the idea that mathematics is a fact, is true - not that it is a working theory. How can you grow with these limitation? But humans feel save to adhere to things, values, and thoughts that were approved by society, they accepted them as their own.

But now disassociate yourself from all that, be aware of the structure and how you are controlled by it - realize that you don't do anything out of your free will. When you stop at this point, you most likely will end up in depression or anxieties, you will be lost because you dissociated yourself from something that gave you security, a core desire of the human race. The next step is to find yourself and open up to new thoughts, new associations, different perceptions, discoveries, and imaginations, only possible because you do not limit yourself by following the old values and structures of thinking you adhered to. Not being lost and afraid, but finding the values in yourself gives you a new security and safety. If you need God to find the 'new you' is just a matter of opinion.

What I wrote is more my opinion than an interpretation of the video, but I think across the board, that the message is similar.


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