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Okay, so like most of the country, I've come away from the election feeling much more anxious about the future. I actually voted for Trump, so I'm not really miffed about that. What I DIDN'T vote for, though, was a republican majority in Congress. I don't vote often, but when I do, I typically tend to vote for just as many democrats as I do Republicans. I prefer to have a sense of balance in Washington.

Anyway, the fact that Trump got in doesn't scare me. What does scare me, however, is the fact that he got in at the same time Republicans took the legislative branch. I'm afraid because I'm at a point in my life where I'm very dependent on SSI benefits. My anxiety and depression are debilitating to the point that it's nearly impossible for me to functionally work at a part-time retail job, let along a full-time career job with real responsibilities.

I'm not gonna say that I'm thinking of offing myself, because I'm not. I would never. If they were to take that money off of me, though, it would be absolutely devastating. They're proposing to tamper with Social Security, I think, but is there even a strong possibility that they can do it? They tried in 2005 with a Republican congress and President, but still couldn't. That'll happen again, right? If it doesn't, is there anything else I'd be able to do?

Oh, and please no replies yelling at me for voting for Trump. I'm not a racist, homophobe, or any of that, and I'm really not in any kind of mood to deal with any political crap. You had your reasons to vote for your candidate, whomever it may have been, just like I had mine. I liked some, but not all, of his ideas and I thought "it'll be okay, he can get some stuff done, but Congress will reign him in on some of the more crazy ideas he has." Since he now effectively owns Congress, though, that becomes a lot less likely.

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Thank you for being honest and open. I didn't vote for Trump but I know people who have are afraid to even say if they did because of the hate they get. I blame the media because they have spread fear, for instance saying that Hillary will cause WW3 with the no fly zone and Trump will cause WW3 because he can't be trusted with the launch codes. When you have a herd of animals and they are afraid they run and when you keep at their sides snarling and snapping, you can steer them any way you want them to go. I think that has happened with the elections.

I am also worried about my medical situation. I am working to supplement my disability and even that is barely enough to take care of myself. I usually have about 60 dollars at the end of each month to save just to get my vehicle working it is going to take forever. I don't know what is going to happen but I hope the people that were elected actually have the people in mind and are not all liars like they usually are.


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