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Is it particulalry easy to fall back into depression while recovering from a severe episode?


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Hi everyone, I don't suffer from depression myself but have been struggling to understand someone I love who does.  I had reason to believe he was feeling better after five months (and I'm pretty sure he is taking antidepressants), but we had a negatively charged exchange (he is my ex - I am hurting and angry and essentially told him that I can't try again with him unless he takes some responsibility for our bizarre depression-related breakup) and he has disappeared again.  Without assuming I have too much consequence in the complicated life of someone who suffers from depression, I wonder how likely it is that he fell back into this most recent episode. Certainly no one can give me an answer to my specific scenario, but I wonder if anyone has insight on possible vulnerability while emerging from a major depressive episode.

Thank you for humoring me - I sort of feel like I don't have much business posting on the non-fallout side of depression support forums.

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Perhaps he wasn't ready to process the emotions associated with your breakup. Confronting difficult emotions before a person is ready can cause a relapse. I've read case studies about it. 

I wouldn't worry about being an interloper :) Its an excellent question and by asking it you may be helping someone else.

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