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The Darkness Inside


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Why must I do this to myself,
  Have I just given up all hope;
I still live in utter despair,
  And I know not how to cope;
I wake up every morning,
  With no direction in my life;
I simply exist throughout the day,
  Looking forward to the day I die;
I've spent a lifetime searching myself,
  For some purpose I've failed to see;
Darkness follows my every move,
  I'm just as blind as one can be;
How much more can I expect to take,
  Before I can see some glimmer of light;
To be able to come out of this darkness,
  It has taken everything I've got;
                     Quentin Martin 10.29.2016

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I've been reading a biography on Letitia Pilkington who was a famous poet in the 18th century. She would use personas in her poems. You write so well, I was just wondering if you have ever used personas? For example, instead of writing from the first person, you could write a poem about yourself from the perspective of someone who admires you, like the other members of df who have benefited from your willingness to open yourself up, make yourself vulnerable and share your poetry.

Much love,


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