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Coming off Zoloft cold turkey


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My wife recently decided she was sick of taking Zoloft after being on it for 10 years as she thinks it numbs her and stops her ability to feel.

She went to Vietnam on holiday and decided it was the perfect time to stop taking it cold turkey. In the 5 weeks she was there she has confessed she slept with multiple people and has tried to explain to me that it's nothing about the sex it's about the comfort...

It's totally out of character, she has returned home and is full of remorse and regret and doesn't seem to be dealing with what she's done and basically just wants to cry all the time. She really struggles to explain why she did it and claims to not really understand herself.

Does this make any sense to anyone here with Zoloft experience?

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I'm on Zoloft, and I have not experienced anything like what you are describing. Of course, I am not the same person as your wife, but blaming the drug for her behavior might be too simple an explanation. Or maybe it is correct. I suggest talking to a psychiatrist about it.

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