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Hello, everyone. I've got an issue with my SSI benefits that's really causing me to get anxious and panicky.

I've been receiving benefits since June, and got a letter in the mail today that basically says that they want to do a phone interview to make sure they don't need to stop or adjust what I'm getting. Which is fine, I understood that they'd be doing that at some point.

What worries me, though, is how part of the letter is worded. I don't have it in front of me right now, but it says something to the effect of "we've received some information which may affect your benefits." I tried calling them to clear up the issue of what exactly this information was or how it could affect my benefits, but they wouldn't tell me.

I've got an idea of what it might be:

When I was younger, my grandmother got some savings bonds for me, totaling about $1,200 without interest. She told me that it wouldn't matter because they weren't in my name, so when they asked me if I had any savings bonds I told them "no" and I thought I was being truthful. Apparently, though, $1,000 worth of them ARE in my name because she must have made a mistake. If this is the case, could I get in trouble for "lying" to them even though I didn't know about the bonds? And if they want to reduce my benefits, could I cash in the bonds to get rid of them (putting the money in a safe or something) to have them keep it the same?

Alternatively, do they monitor your spending habits? Because if it's not the bonds, it MAY be because I haven't spent every last cent on necessities (most of it goes towards necessities, but I DO buy video games and stuff too).

I'm not interested in your opinion on how ethical what we did with the bonds is. It's not illegal, so please save your criticism if that's all you have to offer. Only legitimate answers, please. This is really causing me to panic.

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Here is your legitimate answer. First off they don't monitor your spending habits. Second, if they do in fact know about the bonds, they will just take a little out of your SSI to make up for it. I once worked for a year at a Hampton Inn and when they finally found out they took $10 a month out of mine until it got paid up...Do not worry so much just tell them the truth...

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