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There is hope


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There is hope. People can and do get better all the time. Remember that the hopelessness you feel is PART of the depression so don't trust your feelings as the truth. I wanted to share that I am going really well! I have been for many months now. I have down days but they don't blend into bad weeks anymore. I know what works for me and i have people I can talk to if i'm struggling. I hope this give you some hope because I have had depression for 14 years. I didn't think I'd ever recover either and now I am well 90% of the time and i think that's pretty amazing!

I think what helps each person will be different but for the record here is what has helped me the most:

- Accepting I have depression and may always be vulnerable to it (but not necessarily suffer from it). 

- Mindfulness and meditation training 

- Counselling (ongoing for maintenance now once a month)

- Meds (it took a year to find the right mix which im in no rush to come off)

- Using ALL the supports available: friends, family, Depression Forum, a local support group. Being around good people helped a lot!

- DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) group course

- Hospital: i was in 5 times over the course of 1-2 years for 1-4 weeks at a time) 

- Balancing staying occupied and having structure with listening to myself and being gentle (ie: resting and responding early to warning signs that im going down hill)

- Healthy relationships: I have a loving partner of 1 year who also has depression.

- Exercise: my favourite is walking in nature and doing yoga

If you're reading this and feeling hopeless and alone I'd like to give you a big hug. There is hope. People can and do get better all the time.

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Hi Jay. I'm glad you found it helpful. :) I'm on 200mg Lamotrigine and 60mg Fluoxtieine (and Diazepam when I need it). I'm also on the birth control pill which helps the hormonal aspects of my depression.

Misanthrop, you make a good point. I can only speak from my experience and I know situations contribute enormously to depression. I guess some of the things that I mentioned (and plenty I didn't) may help someone even if there is still some level of depression. I don't consider mine 'gone' by the way just a LOT better. 

Thanks Evylynn.



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