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Which one are you? (Poll - vote now! :))


Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  

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  1. 1. Which one are you?

    • Optimist
    • Pessimist
    • Cynic
    • Realist
    • Other
    • Not sure

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I picked other because Skeptic feels more accurate, though I could pick 'realist', too.

I don't believe everything I see, and I don't do 'first impressions'.  :sneaky2:

I believe in a person's actions, not their words, which is ironic considering what I do here on DF.  :Coopwink:

If there's a difference in your words and your actions, you can bet I'll go by your actions no matter how many pretty words you spout at me. Again, highly ironic considering what I do here at DF.  :Coopwink:

And yes, I realize the irony of being a Christian, and also a skeptic.....  :Coopwink:

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Realist, I see how the things are which itself can be pretty positive or negative feeling depending on the circumstances. Though sometimes it's natural to fall on the more negative side, thus depression.

I think there's an idealist part in me too. ''How things could be?''

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A cynic I think most people are naturally bad and they have to be taught to be good,if you leave people to there own devices they become barbaric only have empathy for there own kind and have the potential to turn on anyone if the right circumstances are met and they belong to a different culture have different views they become dehumanized the nazi's, native american genocide in the united states, unit 731 and the rape of nanking, Hiroshima bombing, Dresden bombing, jihadism, Cambodia genocide cultural revolution the iraq war, crusades, Spanish inquisition, witch Australian immigrant detention camps French revolution, Stalin, Cultural revolution in china. Way to many to list here, every nation on earth and there citzens feel like there country is good, while there indoctrinated with nationalism from a young age.

Most gender norms oppress both men and women. I Just see humans as violent animals no different that a tiger or a chimp i don't go around saying people are worse than animals, go in a jungle with a bunch of hungry tigers and see how nice they are to you. We need to put effort in being good and improving ourselfs or we will act against are own interests.

 People have the potential to be very kind and generous if the proper values are nurtured. I guess i could be called a very strict realist to I accept how things are but aknowledge that humans are a amazing species because we have the capacity to go against our instincts

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