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Sick of reading weight gain horror stories about Remeron


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I literally see comments like "omg I was on remeron for 4 weeks and it made me gain 100lbs! Evil drug". No, remeron didn't make you gain weight, eating uncontrollably made you gain weight. While there are theories about this drug slowing down metabolism and increasing glycogen uptake (theories, not proven), it doesn't have the power to change the laws of thermodynamics. I'm currently dieting to cut down on weight, and half of this time I've been on remeron. I count every calorie, eat high amounts of protein, moderate amounts of fat and carbs and cook all my meals. Guess what? I'm still losing fat consistently.


Stop blaming the drug for your own self-control issues, if it helps with depression/anxiety you'd have to be an absolute ***** to come off it due to an increased appetite.

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It is frequently used to increase appetite actually, and no drug affects everyone the same. Either way I have never seen anyone solely blame the drug, or claim anything near 100 pounds. This post is not helpful in any way, and is just extremely rude. That being said the only difference for me has been gaining back some of the insane amount I lost from cymbalta because it was a stimulant for me.

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