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silly dreamer.

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Hope dwindles,  fading to a single point like the bright dot in the center of an old black and white television screen.


Love reveals itself illusory, Phosphenes of the heart. 

Desperately we tear ourselves apart to find ‘what did we do wrong’?  even when there is reasons in truth we often miss them.  the truth is, it was the reaching itself that caused us to break.  The desperate craving of a illegal drug addict is nothing compared to the 1diot romantic.  The wish to be more than we are, to be loved by someone we feel love for.

Undeserved and unavailable.  A pathetic struggle against fate.



See yourself without filter, feel the pain of the misshapen creature you have become.  Feel the fire burn across nerves as the truth shows.  In the void, see your true value.  Swallowed up without notice, not to be mourned or missed. 


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