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Paxil - How to get motivated?

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I've seen a couple other posts on this forum along the same lines, but how can I get motivated to exercise and be active while on Paxil?  I'm going on Paxil for the 3rd time in a couple years.  I've tried going off twice, once because I just felt great and wanted to see if I could go it without the meds, and the second time because it made me so lethargic I wanted to try something else.  I tried Wellbutrin, and it took me 2 tries, and it just doesn't work for me.  

The first time I went on Paxil (that's a whole different long story) it worked almost immediately for my anxiety, helped me focus, and stopped the flip-flopping between anxiety and depression.  It always felt like I had a house party going on in my head, where 50 people are talking and yelling, but you can't really tell what any one person is saying.  And after starting on Paxil, I would actually finish projects I started, instead of leaving a bunch of things half-done.  My wife and I even worked on something together without fighting, that's when I knew the meds were working.

I am normally very active, and enjoy exercising, but on Paxil I just don't feel like doing anything.  I haven't gone over 20mg a day because that alone makes me tired enough.  But 10mg just doesn't seem like enough to help me keep it together.

I've tried natural supplements and amino acids, and eating as healthy as I can.  I have a demanding job, a wife and 2 young kids, so its hard to have the will power to eat perfectly and exercise every day.  Sometimes I think I should just stay on the Paxil until it doesn't work anymore, but after awhile I just get sick of the numbness of it and want to feel alive again.  The odd thing is, on Paxil, I feel like I'm probably "normal."  I just slog along day after day, without really questioning why or what I'm doing, or worry too much about the past, or the future.  But I don't really feel like I'm living.  More than anything, the Paxil helps me cope with the constant stimulation of dealing with people at work, having a wife who has to be in charge all the time, and then kids doing aggravating kid things.

Sorry, this got pretty rambling, but my main question is, how can I motivate myself to get active while on Paxil?  I'd prefer not to try other medications because the goal is to not be medicated.  I'm hesitant to try anything else because I know it works for me.  I also know I have to eat healthy and exercise to really make things better.  I can't just depend on Paxil to work for me forever.

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Do people take Wellbutrin at the same time as the Paxil?  Or alternating times?  Full doses of each?  I guess I've heard of that approach, but never really thought of it.

I take 10mg of Paxil late morning, and the other 10 late afternoon.  Taking all 20mg at once was too much for me, and I never got adjusted to it.  I was super tired and sluggish all the time, until I started splitting it up.

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Hi,  I know this thread is 4 years old, but want to reply in case someone reading this wants to know.  I am taking Paxil 40mg and Wellbutrin 150mg x 2 a day.  So, yes these are both full dosages of each.   I also split the Paxil and take it with the Wellbutrin since I take that 2 times a day.   When I would take the whole Paxil pill, in the morning, it gave me a very strong foggy head and tiredness, so I tried splitting it throughout the day and that helped.

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