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Starving and Anxious

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My life is falling a part. My parents have little money to even buy food anymore and this unpaid internship I have is just making matters worse. Sometimes I pray that they offer me free food or a snack..Sometimes I get so weak I can barely stand. I've been applying for a second job for weeks, have gotten interviews, but no calls back. The only money I make is from online tutoring and I have to save every penny for school in the fall which is not much. I lay in bed at night and have such bad anxiety attacks, my mind is always racing. I wish I could have a break just for once. Have relief just for once..

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Have hope for the future. Once you complete your internship, you'll probably be more likely to get a job that pays at least enough for you to be comfortable. Perhaps there won't be relief soon, but eventually there will be. Continue applying for jobs, and continue your studies. Your efforts will reward you eventually.

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