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How do you overcome the depressed/negative thoughts to do..

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Something that deep down you know will help you? I am someone that needs to be busy. I haven't had a full time job in a while, yet I know (AND people that know me tell me) that working at something I like and having the adult interaction daily is what is a huge contributor to my deep depression! 

I have an interview for my dream job on Monday. I'm scared to death, yet know that getting a job I like, and that I can be good at will help me immensely. 

How do I lose the negative thoughts, and go to my interview and get this job? My depression is doing the usual.. You can't do this, it will be way too hard, etc etc. 

Any suggestions to make this process easier? I know this will be good for me. 


Many thanks


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Don't listen to your depression. Distract yourself and try to not ruminate. Don't stop yourself from getting this job. If you watch TV or read or eat ice cream or do anything to keep your mind occupied, the weekend won't be so bad.

Be glad that you not only have a dream job, but an opportunity to get it. I don't know what job I want, let alone how to get it.

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I fear offering you advice for fear that it is not good advice or helpful, so allow me just to say what helps me personally in situations like you describe.  I keep a little card in my pocket which I read many times a day and especially many times before and after something stressful.  The card says:

"You suffer from depression which is an illness that affects 10% of the population.  It is not a fault.  It is not a weakness.  It is not a consequence of a fault or weakness anymore than catching the flu is.  It is an illness.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Part of the illness is to have unwelcome negative thoughts and feelings.  these are symptoms of the illness as a high temperature and headache are symptoms of the flu.  It is part of depression to forget this and keep forgetting, so this little card will keep reminding me that my unwelcome thoughts and feelings are part of the symptomology of depression.  I "have" these thoughts and feelings but they are not me, so I will not take them as anything more than symptoms."

This helps me.  I don't know if it is applicable or helpful to you or others, but I wish the best and I hope things turn out well for you in this stressful time. 

Respectfully yours, Epictetus


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