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A Successful Sunday


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Sunday is always a challenging day for me. My mood will be getting lower and lower as the day past…leading to Monday, which is a working day.

This Sunday, as usual I woke up early around 6.30 am. Already feeling not good…tired and low mood…I quickly brushed my teeth and had breakfast. I could not wait to calm myself down by doing mindfulness meditation. I am a beginner in this practice and still experiment with it every day.

Yesterday (Saturday), I tried out the body-scan meditation with the help of the audio guided by Jon Kabat. However, I suffered a headache instead. My teacher suspected that I might not be sleeping well during the night. This is true because I kept getting up at night. He thinks that I may not be in a good condition to practice it at the moment. I guessed it must be due to my low energy level. 

However, I tried it again on Sunday at 7 am. This time without the audio helps. It went well, and I did not get any headache. I could be aware of most of the thoughts that arose during the session without judging it but cultivating compassion for me. In fact, I found body-scan meditation is one of the most relaxing exercises, and it brings the anxious thoughts to a calming state. This makes my mind clearer and ready for further activities.

So, once the meditation session ended, I managed to activate my exercise mode by going for a walk in the park for an hour. This was followed by a stop in a restaurant and enjoyed the food there.

Nearing noon, I tried the sitting-meditation. I knew this is very important as it is vital to be able to have a good sitting posture in order to develop further in this practice. I usually did not like sitting meditation because it causes back ache. Nonetheless, I just want to experience it this time to see how much I can persevere. So guided by Jon Kabat audio, I did the sitting meditation for 40 minutes. I was very happy that I could go through it. It was not that scary as 40 minutes just passed in an instant. My mood was great after doing it.

Around 3 pm, I repeated the body-scan meditation and this time I was guided by Jon Kabat’s audio recording. It works well as I could refine the experience by breathing into the focused part of the body and breathe out from it through my nose. I could feel energised after the practice and have less disturbing thought.

In the evening around 6 pm, I tried movement / stretching exercise and 3-minute breathing space meditation. I did well in both and found it to be very interesting and helpful.

After dinner, around 8.30 pm, I did the sitting-meditation again. Although I dozed off a little bit, I successfully completed it in about 40 minutes.

In conclusion, I could rate my Sunday as 80% well compared to the usual Sunday, which was negative 100% good-meaning terrible. Perhaps I have found a solution on how to go through my Sunday without much worrying or ruminating.

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You are welcome Hermitic. Yesterday my productivity level at work shoot up to about 80%. It was amazing. Will share how I achieved this in another post perhaps by end of the day.


take care with compassionate love

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