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No One Gets Me

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On 7/1/2016 at 5:16 PM, depressedamber said:

I am so tired of everyone belittling how I feel.

I am so tired of no one being able to understand me.

I am so tired of my feelings being kicked under the mat so I look like a happy and functional person.

Find the people you want to share your feelings, first. You'll find them sooner or later.

Welcome to the forum.

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Well, posting in this forum is a step in the right direction for you  =)  People here are generally understanding, encouraging, and kind. Just make sure that while you're reaching out, you're open to the support that'll come your way. Telling yourself that no one understands you can shut you off to support and help when it's offered...just keep your mind and heart open, and make sure that when you ask for help, you're willing to take it! I know it's really, really hard sometimes, but try your best to stay positive!

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