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Just another "noobish" post

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Not sure where to start but I suffered with MI since I was 13 years old and let me tell you i was quite the journey from where I was then, till now. I would say I've muchy approved since I  was younger. I think and do more positive stuff as of late. As well still trying to figure out who I am or what to be in this world. I really express my feelings, thoughts or whatever else through ART. I'm not the best but I try to show my work and maybe inspire someone that even through sometimes life can get tough we shouldn't give up or let those negative people win. Or something like that. ^^;; To be honest I'm a little nervous since I got hurt a lot online and in person in the past from help forums and other types of fanbased things I like. So when it comes to talking to me I might shy away at first unless I feel somewhat alright around you. So please be patient around me and sorry about that, just a little cautious is all. More or less I'm a nice person who is mellow and pretty down to earth. I try to see the good in things even though I been through a lot of  troublesome/hardships times. Here too get advice when needed and support others in there time of need. Friends wise? Sure why not. (^-^) Nothing else too much to say since I'm semi private person. ( the internet and all..) Hope to see you all around. 

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