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Socially awkward greetings! :-)

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I'm quite reclusive so this is a huge step for me!  Hello to all!  I hope that I can be consistent with coming here, as I do need the support.  I was previously a member of Depression Forums back in 2008.  I kept a journal (which I might do again) since that was therapeutic at the time.  Here are a few basics about me...  Late 30's, no kids, common-law.  I have major depressive disorder and social anxiety.  I have a hard time managing life, if that makes sense. Motivation to do anything is tough.  Yep, I'm medicated... and I see a psychologist, but that can be a story for another day.  ;-) 

Me in a nutshell.jpg

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3 hours ago, That_Random_Guy98 said:

Welcome (back?) to this wonderful place. Perhaps I can join the recluse club? It's quite lonely in this corner...

Why hello there!  Of course... the more the merrier, or scarier?  :-D


2 hours ago, LaurynJcat said:

Welcome, BlueWeepingWillow.  I have social anxiety as well, although I'm a natural extravert so I really would like more social contact - but it stresses and exhausts me.  Fun!

Hi LaurynJcat!  I, too, am in need for more social contact.  I can be an extroverted introvert at times, which eventually tires me out and I have to go hide.  

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