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This year's low end of the spiral


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How can months and months of work betray you? I know: I didn't work hard enough.

Just coming back from my exams and I am absoultely sure I failed. The irony is I have passed exams that I don't care about (like most of these at school) but when it came to the ones I am super motivated for, I fail them. If this deosn't cause depression, I don't know what will. Just wanted to spit it out at the forum and whine a little bit. I really regret not working more for my goals, but procrastination is a Biotch, and I am not famous for my discipline. You reap what you sow.

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A little anxiety helps in a test, but too much anxiety can sink you.  I think that may be what's at play here.  You may not be able to go back and pass your last test, but for next time you can remember to cut yourself some slack and try to be less anxious about the most important tests.  Go easier on yourself and you'll naturally do better on future exams I bet.

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