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Neighbors above me causing stress, anxiety and depression


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It's 4am right now and I was awaken by my neighbors above me in my apartment building having what sounded like a wild party, they were blasting loud music, yelling at the top of their lungs and just making tons of noise. I didn't go up there to confront them because who knows what that may have led to (especially if they were drinking), so instead I have to wait til Monday to speak with the manager about it. The biggest problem is three weeks ago I called the manager about a dog barking non stop (from noon to 10pm for several days in a row, they left the dog in a bedroom while they were gone) and that was the neighbors below me, now I'm going to call to complain again about the neighbors above me. I just don't want the manager to think that I'm a complainer or something and I call about every little noise. I've lived here for three years and only had to call to complain about noise one other time (last year), besides that I usually tolerate any kind of noise because it's not worth the hassle or headache of complaining, unless the noise is ruining my life and causing me stress and anxiety, which this neighbor having a party above me is causing.

I'm really, really dreading calling the manager on Monday because I have the feeling she's going to think I'm a complainer because of the two complaints in three weeks. I wish I didn't have to call, but I can't have the neighbor's above me having a loud party again. I could wait to see if it happens again, but if it happened once, it will probably happen again and I just want to get it done with right now instead of waiting for it happening again. The neighbors above me have been loud every once in a while and I've ignored it, but waking someone out of a dead sleep due to a loud party is where I draw the line. I'm so depressed about this.

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i can relate,i had neighbors that partied almost every day till 4\3 am and caused me a lot of stress and sleepless nights.

talking to the manager did nothing and even made things worse(after he talked with them they started being even more noisy

on purpose) so i hope your neighbors aren't similar to mine.i think if they dont do it too often you just have to live with it

because people are going to be laud sometimes and party, you cant stop that completely .in my opinion you should wait

and see if this happens again and if it does talk to the neighbors and explain that it bothers you and then if they still

keep doing this talk to  the manager. 

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I agree that complaining to the manager could make things worse. I've had two issues with loud neighbors in the past year and both were taken care of after I complained, so I feel pretty good that this will also be taken care of, however, I'm sure they will do it again and it will take a few more complaints to completely stop it or else they are in violation of the lease which states that you can't make noise after 10pm. The walls are super thin in my building so it's easy to hear noise from neighbors, but a party at 2am is unacceptable, especially when it lasts til 4am. My choices are to ignore it and hope they move soon, complain to the manager or just move myself. I really, really hate to be put in this position and have other people that I don't even know ruining my life, it sucks. The next time I move it's going to be a house in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors so I never have to deal with anything like this again.

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I am an experienced veteran of fighting upstairs neighbors. My current upstairs neighbor has no carpeting and does work in her apartment in the middle of the night sometimes until 4am with hard shoes on. Earplugs with headphones on top of it make no difference because its a loud vibration. My approach is to bang on the ceiling when something is directly bothering me. I used to try and communicate but that actually lead to more trouble. If they don't react to my reacting then I become proactive. I figure out their schedule and take away their sleep. Everyone is vunerable sometime. I've had the police called on me several times for these neighbor wars. You need to fight back then there is more likely to be peace. Moving is a mistake because the next place might not be better and management is worthless where I live if you are renting (they care about their money, resolving problems makes them no money.) I too will one day move to a house in the middle of nowhere I pray.

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