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How can I improve my focus, and concentrate on one thing at a time?

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Been dealing with some mental troubles over the past couple years: depression, anxiety, OCD, etc, but now I ve been generally more stable, am getting good support via therapists. 

My biggest issue now is my inability to focus my full attention on the thing at hand. My brain is always multi-tasking, racing ahead, making the most menial decisions a big deal. I can t even concentrate on watching a show or reading a book, even though this was no problem in the past. My attention is always split, planning my clothes for tomorrow, my breakfast in two days, etc, on and on. It s so automatic I can never stop it. It s really irritating because I can never enjoy anything anymore. I don t fully experience anything in the present moment, nothing gives me genuine pleasure. 
I constantly try the whole mindfulness thing, just concentrate on one thing at a time, but it s impossible. My mind is always trying to veer off on tangents, in a million places at once, and it gets overwhelming and exhausting. 

Any specific strategies to re-train my brain to focus (other than meds)? Things I can concretely DO to get better control of my attention?

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Chamomile tea(herbal) seems to slow my mind from racing enough for me to get to sleep.

Maybe doing something that you have no choice but to be semi-paced at, will help develop a new habbit in your mind of taking one thing at a time. Like playing a simple video game like Tetris, it's repetitive, same thing over and over, yet is easy to get fixated on. Even if your mind is still racing, part of it will constantly be thinking about the 1 thing: Tetris. Then having this 1 thing you can focus on will make it a little easier to apply that to other areas.

Just my random thought of the moment. Hopefully it can somehow help. Good luck

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