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How can I improve my focus, and concentrate on one thing at a time?

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breakfast in two days, etc, on and on. It's so automatic I can never stop it. It's really irritating because I can never enjoy anything anymore. I don't fully experience anything in the present moment, nothing gives me genuine pleasure.
I constantly try the whole mindfulness thing, just concentrate on one thing at a time, but it's impossible. My mind is always trying to veer off on tangents, in a million places at once, and it gets overwhelming and exhausting.

Any specific strategies to re-train my brain to focus (other than meds)? Things I can concretely DO to get better control of my attention?

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You mentioned trying some form of meditation/mindfulness and if that doesn't help then my advice would be to see a doctor and find out if you might have ADHD or ADD because it sounds like that is what you are describing. (It sounds like the way my brain works, lol!) If you don't want to use meds, maybe go to a natural doctor who can give you herbs and natural medicine. (I should take my own advice, lol!)

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I've been feeling the same way recently. It has been making work really hard. Sometimes I just sit there and stare at the wall because I don't want to put energy into concentrating. Seem pointless. I tried guided meditation for a while. That really helped, but then my mind soon started wandering and it became hard to do. I usually just listen to it when I go to sleep now.  I'd say be patient with yourself and don't beat yourself up if you aren't able to focus. Journaling is really good because it relieves our brain of thinking about things over and over. When we keep things in our head, they just cycle and become worse.

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