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I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm a 33 year old guy who has had anxiety issues for many years, however from 2009 until last month I was able to manage these without meds. I have since gone back on medication after experiencing my first ever panic attack. That seriously suuuuuuucked!


I was on Wellbutrin for a while, which helped the depression , but shot my anxiety way up. I am now on Paxil (just started).

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I hate panic attacks.  I started having them 23 years ago after a traumatic event.  I take klonopin and that helps.  The worst is being in a group of people and having a panic attack and knowing that it will take an hour for the klonopin to kick in.  Anyway, welcome!   I'm a newbie, but it has been really great to find people who share my experiences.

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