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How to deal with being alone?


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On 5/23/2016 at 11:19 AM, Nisei said:

Often I feel like I am the loneliest person in the world. I have nobody. I also don't work (can't find a job) so I can't afford any activities/courses/classes where I could meet someone new. And even if I had the money, I doubt that could work for me. I am extremely disconnected and alone. The only "person" who is available to me is my dog. I see no way out. I am afraid of people and life in general. I have a great deal of difficulty in talking with strangers and frankly, I have no desire to mess with anyone.

The internet is not working either, it seems like only the idiots and evil people are present on this media. Okay, intenet is extremely useful for boredom (downloading movies and playing games is still better than staring into a wall) but I am unable to establish any deeper connection or interaction with someone. Futhermore, I am too scared of ending up being judged, disapponted and rejected, so I am no longer trying anything new. Of course, I ended up like feeling totally depressed, depleted and empty. Nothing makes any sense to me. I just want to sleep. Or maybe to die too.

Any thoughts?


My thought are exactly the same.  A permanent sleep would be great.

As for the internet, I think it has single-handedly destroyed people, their values, everything out the window.

It's even worse more so now because the young kids today are simply staying indoors playing games all day and chatting, twitter, facebook etc.

While it may have some benefits like you mentioned, I think it's FARRRRR worse.

I'm SO GLAD I grew up in the 90s and managed to somehow "make it" in life without it.  We went out, met people face-to-face, we didn't worry about texts, or who "liked" our comments, etc.


Basically, this world is FKT!


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One realization that I've had, since the one about being lonely, is regarding depression. When the question was posed about whether you'd date someone with depression, my initial answer was obviously yes. I have it too. It makes sense. But after spending some time communicating with others online, and talking to someone who also has severe self-esteem issues and impossibilities like I have regarding accepting or believing compliments, it would obviously never work. The conversations are a miserable pity party. They go nowhere. Someone ends up feeling down and becoming intentionally vulnerable or hurt over nothing. Over and over. The cycle never breaks. It would obviously never work. So I've gotten more confused about what's even possible. Someone without depression obviously isn't going to want to deal with me, and someone with depression just creates an impossible cycle of over sensitivity. I'm not sure how anything is supposed to work.

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