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I am new here and I coud use someone to talk with because I am lonely beyond imagination (I have no friends nor anyone else). Email or some instant messaging would be nice...

I also have serious issues with depression etc, but I've decided to stay away from pharmaceuticals because I stumbled into some pretty bad experiences with them in the past.


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Welcome to our depression forum. We share burdens and insights. 

There is a way out of depression with effort and imagination and determination and a sense of humor.

We are here for you. So keep posting and check out many more posts.

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I too am rather damaged and have no real friends, so if you wish to chat just let me know. Other than telling you all about my depressing life one of my other talents is listening, if that is what you're interested in. My skype is on my profile page, and I can give you my email if you'd prefer. 

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