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What was your first thought this morning?


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2 minutes ago, MarkintheDark said:

[Lying in the ER, x-rays, blood draw, EKG, sucking on Albuterol at 5am] Am I gonna be stuck in the hospital all weekend?

They let me go after three hours.  I'm still shaky...but I can sorta breathe now.

I'm sorry to hear that friend, I hope you get to feeling better soon.  Here's a hug

for you :hugs:

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18 hours ago, evalynn said:

Do i have to feel anxious every time I wake up?

I hope not my friend but if you do have to be anxious try to  tilt it in your favor like.

I just can not wait to see what this magnificent day have in store for me.  Don't

forget to smile.  🤣   and here's a hug for you   :hugs:

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