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What made you smile today? :)


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10 hours ago, zdude954 said:

The Cubs winning the world series in game 7 with extra innings. Not a big baseball fan but they broke an over one hundred year curse.

It's really unbelievable!  I've been waiting my whole life for this moment!!!  I was wrong, I said it would never happen.

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Going into the charity shop the other day, I noticed E was on the till again (met her a few weeks ago and discovered in the course of conversation she is a sneaky slytherin :laugh:)  so when I went back the other day and she saw me again I waved enthusiastically and go to her "AHA it's the sneaky slytherin again! hello there, how are you today are you having another action packed day helping your customers to dress themselves? (last time I was in one of her customers was having trouble getting her lady bits into a dress so she had to help her) , she seemed to find this very amusing and it made me smile :smile:

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