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Might go back to college, but its making me depressed.


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Im looking to go back to college, something to do with art and prop making, but the course im looking at is over £16,000 for 3 years. 
I don't have that money so i'll need to get a loan. 

Do I do this? I could be left with having to pay back £16,000 and I might not even get a job at the end....its making me depressed that I might not get to do my dream job, its one thing I could be happy with. But I know if after 3 years I don't get a job it might push me to the edge.

I've looked at working on film sets for free (runner), but with my current job I can't do that.

I have to do something or im gonna be stuck like this forever, wondering, but this could also be the death of me. 

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